Audio Installation


06/04 April 2016


SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT, curated by Matthieu Goeury. This event is part of our 2016 FEATURED PROJECTS series. From the artist: Using Pink Floyd’s song “Us and Them” as inspiration, I wanted to create a dark room where individuals could absorb the absurdity of a dream perspective that uses classicism as a departure point… maybe they’ll come out of the experience with an absurd absorbed real possibility. With Us and We (T.T.T.A.W.) I aim to eliminate the distance and proximity that separates the notion and construction of physical, emotional, and financial space. This is something the human will continue to pursue, kill and be killed for, for many thousands of years to come… then again, maybe not. I don’t really give a fuck; I am more a “I and Her” kind of an asshole… Us and We T.T.T.A.W., 2016 Audio installation Concept and text by Nástio Mosquito, music by Dijf Sander © Nástio Mosquito Courtesy Nástio Mosquito Us and We (T.T.T.A.W.) is a part of the Fusebox series SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT From the curator: Same Same But Different is a series of sound and video works that tackle questions related to identity: how our identities can be different, how they can be similar, and most interestingly, how they end up mixing to create the super diverse societies in which we live. During my first visit, I was struck by how diverse yet seemingly gentrified the city of Austin was. The three works I’ve put together, is in part a response to that contradiction–they depict characters and stories in movement, trying to define themselves better through confrontation with other realities and situations. From that confrontation comes a very moving picture of human beings in search for their own identity and for a place to live it. Same same but different is an expression used a lot in Thailand, especially in an attempt to sell something, but it can mean just about anything depending on what the user is trying to achieve.

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