Daily broadcasting during Documenta 14 Radio, Every Time A Ear Di Soun with segment collaborations by Aline Frazão and Kalaf Epalanga

Documenta 14 Radio, Every Time A Ear Di Soun

SAVVY Contemporary Berlin (DE)

17 june - 7 July 2017

SAVVY Funk Berlin, Germany While eight radio stations in the program are existing structures, the German iteration is a new station started from scratch in Berlin—SAVVY Funk. For SAVVY Funk, artists are invited to take over a 24-hour radio program providing news, weather, and other programs, such as Unpacking Sonic Migration, Listen to the Other - disEmbodied Voices - Hybridized Techno, Saout Africa(s), and Piratensender. Participating artists collaborate with students from the Class for Experimental Radio at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, led by Prof. Nathalie Singer and Martin Hirsch, to prepare and operate the radio program. Prof. Nathalie Singer and her team are also contributing a reading and listening room at SAVVY Contemporary, where visitors can experience and reflect on radio in the making.

Negro, Nigger, bottom feeder Healer, killer, Lil’ Biller Bob Lee with the axe lover bleeder Builder White trash, fasc(ist), lash on White king and queen unbreakable stumble Humble - Humble up Negro, Nigger. Humble up, and be Purple!! - Shiiiiiiiiit … you got clock but not time. I will find Purple … and you will feel, your kids will know. You we them with us within cake bake cookies and milk, honey Funny … It will not always be funny; it will not always be consequent. This radio show is unruly behavior put to use, favoring the brutality of human limitations. One. Two. Three. One Hundred.

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